On a recent Saturday in December, Midtown Museum District residents and businesses donated over 200 man-hours to help prepare materials for METRO Light Rail’s grand opening celebrations later on December 27.

Come check out some photos from that day over on our website, http://www.midtownmuseumdistrict.org/.


At our October 22nd meeting we decided to join in the Light Rail Grand Opening party on Saturday December 27th by having an MMDNA booth. At this booth we will distribute a packet of flyers from those businesses that choose to participate. Please check out the Business Project section of the MMDNA website at http://b.midtownmuseumdistrict.org/ for more information.

Also included in the bag will be a map of our district with the museums, churches, hospitals, Light Rail stops and participating businesses plotted on the map. This map is being produced by two ASU students who will do it for their term project.

If you are a business that would like to participate we need to know by November 30th in order to get you on the map. We need your flyers or other items by December 12th. If you want to do this we are asking for $25 which will help pay our printing costs, the sign for our booth and food for the volunteers stuffing the bags.

For all residents and workers in our neighborhood, on December 13th we will have a grand stuffing party. We have 10,000 bags to assemble and it will be a BIG JOB. We will have breakfast, snacks and lunch available so please plan to join us for as much of the day as you can spare. We live in this area because of the amenities and services. Let’s support the restaurants and service close by.

If you are interested in helping out or want more information on this, send an e-mail to lightrail@midtownmuseumdistrict.org. Our next meeting will be Wednesday November 19th at the Radisson Hotel, 3600 N 2nd Avenue (just north of Osborn) from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Margaret Dietrich and Julia Tourville
Project Coordinators

Since this morning, additional signals along Central Avenue have been activated.  This includes some new stoplights for pedestrian crosswalks and left-turn arrows for traffic to turn across the light rail tracks.

Be careful with these new signals! We’re getting closer to METRO making its inaugural run up Central Avenue into the Midtown Museum District so watch for trains.

METRO opens in 74 days so let’s all be mindful that trains will now be in our streets.

Aren’t you excited?  We certainly are!

Come join the Midtown Museum District and Central United Methodist Church for an informational meeting on METRO Light Rail, due to open up 27 December 2008.  (See the flier at METRO Meeting Flier, 11 August 2008.)

Central United Methodist Church is at 1875 N. Central Avenue (at Palm Lane).  If you’re taking transit, take the Red Line, Blue Line, or Route 0 to Palm Lane.  Parking is also available in the Palm Lane parking lot: follow signs to the church’s east entrance.

If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about the new Midtown Museum District, please send an e-mail to midtownmuseumdistrict@gmail.com or call (602) 758-3129.

See you then!